Savio Rego / Press

“Cool name, cool guy, cool songs! The San Francisco Bay Area resident is deliberately setting his course to Smooth by Smooth West with his music. If Sade and John Mayer were to have a love child, he would sound like Savio Rego…”

Sandy Shore - SmoothJazz.com

“Guitarist/Vocalist Savio Rego's music is about intimacy, his guitar is soft and lush, creating layers of silky smoothness. This is a quiet, moody record that creates an atmosphere of warmth and calm reflection. The overall effect is like having Rego performing in your living room. Someone To Tell is effective in its ability to convey and evoke innermost feelings".”

All About Jazz

“Move over Jim Brickman. Move over Harry Connick Jr. Savio Rego has out-romanced them and then some. Savio's new album is a romantic journey worth taking whether you are in love or not. It will open your senses and fill you with sensuality. It’s a pure joy to listen to. This is definitely a must-have album for any music lover's collection this year. Open your ears and your hearts to the beauty of Savio’s music.”

Andrea Guy - Live Journal

"Seine Songs klingen weder wie klassische Popstücke, noch folgen sie der Jazzlehre oder folkloristischen Konventionen. Sie pendeln zwischen den Extremen, setzen sich aber immer wieder herrlich erfrischend zwischen alle stilistischen Stühle..."

Melodie & Rhythmus

"....eine abwechslungsreiche Scheibe, die gekonnt zwischen bluesigen Momenten, Folk, Soul und Chill Out wechselt.