Savannah Berry / Press

““Silent Night Without You” is Dazzling…An Instant Christmas Classic””

“It's a sure-footed, sweet affair that will likely earn comparisons to Swift, particularly tracks "Cold October" and "Don't You Dare." But Berry is a much stronger, more convincing vocalist.”

"THIS girl is VERY talented. Her name is Savannah Berry and I could see her being a country star. Check it out..."

Program Director, "Big Nic" - WYZB-FM 105.5 FM Fort Walton Beach / Destin, FL.

"Savannah, is a very talented young lady. Not only does she have a tremendous voice, but at her age she has the heart and the soul of a musician and a songwriter."

Stephen Allen Davis - Mulit-platinum, Grammy nominated songwriter

"... You blew us away...the minute you started singing it was like you transformed into this superstar...it was a first class performance."

Youlanda Green, TV personality on Houston's channel 39 - Sugar Land Superstar