Savage Wizdom / Press

“Well played, pretty classic US metal, with strong melodies, solid songwriting and very good vocals.”

“The age when molten steel flowed endlessly is sadly long gone, but there will always be bands like Savage Wizdom to release albums faithful to the teachings of the glorious creations of the past... This record is a must.”

"A New Beginning" is real metal!

“Savage Wizdom probably won't win over fans of what is being labeled "metal" in this day and age. They don't down-tune their guitars to appear heavy, they don't have anybody screaming at you like a drill sergeant on a lazy cadet, nor are there any "breakdowns" or any other boring qualities that come with the new breed. No, this is not trendy crap! Savage Wizdom deliver real heavy metal!”

“I am honoured to propose their first CD after the break to all of you, with the appropriate title “A New Beginning”, Savage Wizdom will certainly deserve a place in my favourite Top 20 album list of 2014 !”

"This album is already more or less a must buy for fans of relatively simple structured US Metal."

"No second of mercy, no second of boredom, no second in which the pulse calms down."

“Santa Fe’s Savage Wizdom play metal that is intense and heavy but also catchy, a combination that really gets the blood pumping.”