SAUL / Press

“Although this five-track EP is on the short side, clocking in at under 15 minutes, it is incredibly well crafted. Intro sets the scene, a short instrumental piece which gives a flavour of the style that is maintained throughout. Moving seamlessly from Intro to Atrocious Ra, they pick up the pace a bit with the drums coming into their own and bassist Blake Bedsaul's vocals a perfect counterpoint to the melodies going on underneath. It's good stuff. A heavier handed production would have dramatically changed the vibe and possibly ruined what instead comes across as an introspective and very well thought through EP.”

“If you like Tool, you are going to absolutely love the band Saul. I have heard many bands try to play this particular style of music and not do so good. It is a style of music that is melodic, hard; and not everyone can play it no matter how hard they try. These guys have pulled it off in a way I could not have imagined. That is a hell of a job for only a three piece band. “Atrocious Ra” leads the album with some amazing playing. Actually, every song on the album is amazing, but Atrocious Ra is one of my favorites. This a band that needs to be recognized. I personally love the band Saul. The style of music and knowing that these guys play with such intricacy while being only a three piece band is astonishing to me. Regardless of the music, these three are truly great musicians. I hope to hear more from the band Saul and cannot wait till they produce another album.”