Saturnalia Trio / Press

“Medieval Europe was a magical world of miracle and mystery, animated by strings and drums from the Middle East and flutes and horns from the north. Though far from the mainstream today, the spirit of that music is still alive and dressed in contemporary trappings by musicians such as Daniel Crommie and his mates in the Saturnalia Trio, another brilliant facet of Portland’s rich and varied music scene. The sounds of a flute, mandolin and balalaika mingle in pleasing world-folk harmonies. ”

Lynn Darroch - The Oregonian

“Memorable originals sit comfortably next to songs by John Dowland, and the results form a thoroughly enjoyable pastiche that might remind one of Fairport Convention or the Incredible String Band. This recording will be a smash within a hundred miles of any Renaissance fair.”

“Crommie's scholarly knowledge brings integrity to the repertoire, but the trio's performance is not academic exercise, it's entertainment. ”

Lynn Darroch - The Oregonian

“another brilliant facet of Portland's rich and varied music scene. ”

Lynn Darroch - The Oregonian

“Fans of authentic medieval music will lose themselves in this disc. This is not merely a modern twist on a old musical style; this band truly recreates the delicate beauty of the music from the age of Camelot.”

Yves Dube - Sea of Tranquility

“Chops are also abundant here as the trio does well to highlight their ability to react musically to each other's voice's.”

Jon Rice - Sea of Tranquility

“Saturnalia Trio is a fantastic acoustic ensemble well versed in Renaissance, Folk and Madrigal genres. Tight, airy and full of tasty twists and turns, Hummingbirds is a welcome addition to my collection. ”

Sea of Tranquility