Saturate / Press

“Assembled in 2005 by guitarist Mike Mexas and percussionist Doyle Hingle, the Houston, Texas based band Saturate became a well-known name in the local scene, largely due to their strong work ethic. After acquiring vocalist Jimmy Miller and bassist Hector Porras, the band went on to release multiple demos and EPs, played 3 tours spanning the entire nation and sold 1,000 copies of their album at over 200 shows. Judging from their history as a band and their perseverance in an industry that will eat you alive, I think it is safe to say that they’ve done their footwork and despite their pitfalls, the work is rightfully paying off. Saturate is an alternative metal and rock outfit that delivers a mix of aggression and edginess, neatly packaged into a form that is easily deliverable to a wide array of listeners. .......(review continued on website)”

“Saturate has a reputation for bringing a hard rocking show and it was brought...full force. Mexas provided the heavy guitar riffs. Jimmy’s haunting voice belted out the emotional lyrics. Hec and Doyle anchored the rhythm and tempo with their bass and drumming respectively. And Jojo added that extra element on his keyboard. Saturate is a very solid band ....”