Satori Trova / Press

“A little bit funky and a lot totally grooveable, in a perfect world this band would be super famous already.”

“If Satori Trova's colorful logo doesn't give away the band's influences, then the question posed on its Facebook page — "Are you down to take a trip?" — certainly will. The local sextet has strong psychedelic and trip-hop influences; singer Liora Valero's hoarse voice conjures up an image of Macy Gray singing with a downtempo Pink Floyd.”

“...the band's sound, which is an interesting mix of rock, world beats and melodies with a lounge jazz feel is a tricky one for me to find in my collection (or anywhere). Frankly, it is to a band's credit if I struggle with finding comparables.”

“There is a lot to dig into here...this is a band to keep your eye on in 2012”