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"With slower tempos focusing on traditional roots reggae The Satellite Rockers will get you moving naturally, and their powerful lyrics with messages of truth and rights will move you even more!"

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“Face to the sun "The Satellite Rockers have a great feel for reggae, for finding the kernel of energy, even outrage, that lies underneath the music’s “good vibrations.” There’s always a shadow underlying good reggae, an acknowledgment of darkness that makes the music’s seeming sunny disposition necessary. It’s hard to articulate exactly what it is in songs such as “Rock Up the Dance Hall” and “Tenderness” that seems to touch that strand of darkness, but you can hear it when you listen. It’s great stuff, and rises above. There’s something about these songs that feels like they’re consciously turning their face to the sun.”

"What's nice about the Satellite Rockers is how well the band finds a balance between being serious about roots reggae and maintaining its own voice. The syncopated rhythms and island musical flares serve a purpose to the song. Such as "Tenderness" and "Rock Up the Dancehall" don't feel like distant echoes of some long-lost idolized Jamaican sound, but rather glisten with a fresh, present-in-the-moment vibe" -

Worcester Magazine

"They're young, they're fresh, they're vibrant." "People will get a real true taste of reggae music, real reggae music,"