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“Na Slovensko sa vracia pravý ruský black metal”

“Satarial, jedan od prvih ruskih black metal bendova (osnovan još 1993. godine), će nastupiti u Srbiji u drugoj polovini maja meseca.”

“Acasă » Mozaic » Trupă controversată de black metal din Rusia în concert în România Satarial, în premieră la Bucureşti”

“Sambata 26 mai 2018, Satarial ajunge pentru prima oara in Romania.”

“This is a band that I have been following for years now.”

“SATARIAL announces 2018 European Tour”

“Satarial are a band from Russia that has been featured before in this zine and on this recording plays a mixture of pagan, folk, and black metal and this is a review of their 2016 album "Blessed Brigit" which was released as a joint effort between Symbol Of Domination Productions and Death Portal Studio.”

“How to describe Satarial?”

“Рецензия на альбом Satarial "Blessed Brigit"”

“SATARIAL: “Blessed brigit” (2016) (Symbol of Domination)”

“Reviews: Satarial - Blessed Brigit”

“Satarial – ‘Blessed Brigit’”

“SATARIAL přijedou do Čech a na Slovensko”

“SATARIAL announces 2018 European Tour dates!”

“SATARIAL announces 2018 European Tour dates!”

“Russian folk/black metal pioneers Satarial going in Europe in April- June 2018!”