Satani Infernalis / Press

“...the delivery alone makes the EP worth quite a few spins. Raw abrasive black metal worship is what Death Posture EP offers and if that appeals to you do pick up the full length when it comes out.”

“Have no fear however, bands like Horna were still worshiping Satan properly in 2013 with their latest release, Askel Lähempänä Saatanaa; a straight forward, gritty, angry display of true black metal. Fans of this style need not always look across the pond however, as there is a major black metal scene developing in Los Angeles, California. With European black metal bands like Watain and Marduk having had success touring here it was only inevitable. Check out Satani Infernalis, and Vesterian who just both released albums and came off of a west coast tour.”

“Gravespawn, Nekcrium, featuring Valefar, Satani Infernalis, Deminuere and Matar.”

“What are some of the lyrical topics and subjects that the newer music explores? Dantalian: The lyrics are all loosely based around a concept of apocalypse, and a satanic rule. The lyrics do very from performing ritual, to the apocalypse itself, war, hate, occultism. The lyrics topics usually don't change much, but the writing, and structure do improve.”

“Dantalian: Sure. Buy the album! Haha. Great booze, great sex, great smoke, and BLACK FUCKING METAL!!!!”

“(Marie Ravensoul) "I like what I have heard from Satani Infernalis."”

“Christianity shall fall, evil will prevail! Humanity will die, and bring end to all their filth. Hail Satan!!! Hail Satania Infernal!!! (This is the old band name.)”