Sasha Le Monnier / Press

“Check the review out of the night Sasha warmed up for Guy J [ Bedrock ] @ Chinese Laundry in Sydney [ Australia ]...what a night had!”

“Check out the review from Sasha's Australia tour, her final night saw her play @ Kings Cross Hotel [ Level 4] http://www.inthemix.com.au/events/reviews/50433/Shrug_Golden_Cage_pres_Sasha_Le_Monnier_Kings_Cross_Hotel_Sydney_25062011”

“Grabs Sasha's remix of Jonah @ Beatport.com. Support coming from Barry Jamieson,Kasey Taylor,Cid Inc,Silinder,Wez Saunders,Faddy Farraye,Yamil Collucci and many more!”

“Sasha Le Monnier - WAGs - Stripped Digital - NOW OUT!! with remixes from Ryan Luciano,Sven Hauck,Dark Soul Project,Deep Future. Support so far from Nick Warren,Hernan Cattaneo,Ken Fen,Kassey Voorn,Andy Newland,Luciano,Seb Dehajje,Kevin Shiu,Omid16B,Michael Paterson,Graham Gold,Stefan k,Dilby,Tini Tun,Homegroove,Raymundo Rodriguez,Justin Steel,G...rant Paterson,Miss Crazy D,Dibby Dugherty,Jonathan Cowan,Benji Candelario,Yamil Colucci,Deepfunk,Gavyn Mytchel,Cid Inc ”

“Eric Franchet - I Do Not Want To Quit This Dream [ Sasha Le Monnier Remix ] COLD EP - OUT NOW!! Contains remixes from Vintage & Morelli, also a remix from Biolab”

“Exclusively out @ Beatport Out now! With Ryan Luciano, Sasha Le Monnier and Andy Newland & Oscitone on remix duties!! GET IT HERE!!! ”

“Support: DANNY TENAGLIA,HERNAN CATTANEO,LUCIANO,UMEK,DJ VIBE,ROGER SANCHEZ,MARKUS SCHULTZ,CID INC, Omid 16b,Jon Cowan,Dibby Dougherty,Deepfunk,Nomad In The Dark,Yamil Colucci,Marcelo Vasami,Derek Howell,Spesh,Denis A,Tini Tun,Andy Newland & many more…”

“Sasha Le Monnier Presents Soundscapes Vol 4 [ Source Of Gravity Digital. Charted in Release Promo Top 100 Charts”

“Sasha Le Monnier Presents Soundscapes Vol 4 currently #14 in Top 100 mypromopool charts”

“Native - Trying Times - C.O.U. Muzik Remix - LuPS Records”

“C.O.U. Muzik - Astralis - Bellarine Recordings”

“C.O.U. Muzik - Astralis - Bellarine Recordings”

“Native - Trying Times - C.O.U. Muzik Remix - LuPS Records”

“'Astralis'(Chloe Harris Raica Mix) Charted in Hernan Cattaneo August08 Charts”