Sarmust / Press

"It's like, lyrically driven artsy rock that makes you want to dance, and even like, ponder, if you want to."

Aimee (make sure you spell it right) - Fan Comment

"Omar Waqar was the fauxmohawked anti-Mullah with the sufi skills of a dervish manifested in music. After all these years, he’s still got musical magic in his fingers."

"I want to make music that is intellectual, philosophical, and asks questions but doesn't tell people what to think." - Omar Waqar

Alt press

“Omar Waqar (of Sarmust and Diacritical) played a solo set pouring forth radiant love from his Sufi-inspired lyrical outcry.”

“Omar’s belief in music as the source of the most cohesive bond between different cultures is deep and reflects in his work.”