Sara Syms / Press

“Gripping, honest music. She raises her voice in the same atmosphere as Margo Timmons of Cowboy Junkies.”

“Once in a while there is an artist with such a talent that it makes you step out of your musical comfort zone and explore their world.”

“The form and melody of an old Appalachian ballad, but the electric textures of Buddy Miller-esque Americana country rock.”

“Sara Syms weaves a magnificent aural tapestry of folk, roots and Americana music creating a vast opportunity for massive popularity.”

Billy Block (Host/Producer of The Billy Block Show)

“A very talented songwriter, with the purest of vocals. Fade to Blue is an incredibly promising debut album.”

Freddie Celis - Rootstime.be

“Authentic is the word most often used to describe Sara Syms. She has performed all over the US with various bands, but she is most at home with her Americana roots music, captivating audiences with her bewitching performances. Her raw and organic sound combined with her heartfelt and honest lyrics reveal an artist willing to be intimate and vulnerable with her fans.”

“Fade to Blue is a tight, cohesive album. Syms sounds most at home with her own sound here, and her voice sounds truly exquisite. Though employing the same tropes used throughout the album, “All We Have Is Now” shines in its simplicity.”

Olivia Snider - Stereo Subversion

“Sara Syms lyrics, melodies & vocals are passionate, compelling, heartfelt & soul stirring. The result is pure aural beauty.”

Bob Leone - National Projects Director, Songwriters Hall of Fame, 1988-2006

“Sara is absolutely the type of artist we need in times like these: warm, organic, truthful and real.”

Scott Jacoby - Grammy-winning producer/engineer

“Her music and voice are dark celebrations of americana music, reminding the listener of long pensive drives down dusty dirt roads.”

Marc Emert-Hutner - Senior Director ASCAP