Sara Robinson & The Midnight Special / Press

“Upon first listen, it is the voice that will capture your ears and keep you close to the speakers. What becomes clear from the second listen is that Ms. Robinson has one of the most amazing backing bands anyone could hope for. The awesome power trio that backs her voice is, upon repeated listens, more and more astounding each time.”

“Barely 7 months old, the band’s mix of Zeppelin rock and Texas roadhouse blues, high-energy live shows and Sara Robinson’s Joplin-esque vocals have already made them the talk of the town, and they even have die-hard fans that never miss a gig and sing and dance to every one of their songs (trust me, I’ve seen them).”

“This group of highly talented musicians came together to form Sara Robinson & Midnight Special in 2012 and took the local music scene by storm.”

“Robinson and the Midnight Special go way back. Drummer Evan Knisely says the band members knew Robinson before she even had a driver’s license. Now they’re looking forward to playing McDowell Mountain Music Festival and heading to SXSW.”

“There's a long tradition of women dominating the blues scene, from classics like Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald to a new generation of genre-defying acts such as Grace Potter and The Nocturnals and Black Carl. These ladies have helped paved the way for soulful, heavy-hitting acts like Sara Robinson and Midnight Special, which is a local supergroup of sorts. Special comprises members of Haffo and Allen Barton Project, and they met Robinson at a blues jam night at Rhythm Room three years ago. Roughly six months ago, the band started jamming and tried their hand at an open mic night. "We started writing songs like crazy and decided to test them out one night in the battlefield, à la Long Wong's open mic. We had such a good response that we have been booked solid ever since," says drummer Evan Knisely, "We knew there would be people out here who share our love for hard blues."”