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"Bats and Butterflies" is a very pleasant surprise, it is one of those CDs that improves with every listening. Sarana VerLin's folk rock style owes more to Fairport Conventions Celtic stylings than the styles of the Byrds or Dylan. Of the twelve cuts eight are self penned, three are instrumentals and one is a cover of the aforementioned Fairports "Crazy Man Michael" which she delivers in her breathy alto that recalls not at all Sandy Denny's original soprano. Of the originals the standouts are the title track and "Winter Warriors" (IMHO). A multi instrumentalist Sarana plays guitar, violin, synthesizer and some percussion as well handling the singing tasks. All in all this is a fine effort worthy of your consideration.


“An absolutely beautifully played and sung set of songs. Soulful, tender, feisty - and always immensely listenable."”


“Beautiful husky voice, melodious and with the depth that is lacking in so many of the current generation of singers.”

Jim HIll - Jango Music

“Verlin's a jaw-droppingly sweet fiddler.”

"...An extremely gifted and long-time player in the music industry, Sarana VerLin, offering an astounding song that touches all kinds of emotions. It’s called 'Today' ...should have our listeners deep in contemplation by the song’s end."

“more than a little renaissance...”

Bruce Pollock - USA Today

“Led by violinist VerLin (who) showed a wide variety of musical ideas...VerLin reminds one of Debbie Harry because of her singing ability and movement on stage..”

Douglas Priestap - Performance

“Sarana sings...Detroit doesn't have a Renaissance Center for nothing...”

UK Rock Scene

“My pop nerve is tingled most by Enough Said”

UK Trouser Press

“Professional sounding, talented writing and performances - catchy and to the point.”

Walt Ackley - Music Times

“...filled with licks of European art rock..”

Mike Duffy - The Detroit Free PRess

“electric-violin-playing female singer who has one of the best voices in Detroit bar rock”

Sydney Dramsdowne - The Detroit News

“The total effect is music that gallops, rocks, cries heartfelt blues and from time to time soars off eerily into the realm of science fiction movie soundtracks.”

Robin Watson - The Detroit News

“Sarana is magic, the most engaging talent to surface in this town in ages.”

Dennis Loren - Goldmine

“Sarana...from classical to coffee houses to rock and roll...her violin has played it all”

Lydia Jay - Phase Two

“Sarana VerLin and Sarana & Billy now on IMRadio!”


“Brilliant ; LOVE the sound and friendly clip. ENDLESS STARS *__*”


“Soulful harmonies compliment creative lyrics and music...”

Detroit News

“...some long forgotten emotional dance-powerful in its subtle holdback.”

Steve B. - youtube

“Magical vocals and electric violin...”

Detroit Metro Times

“She plays a wicked violin, drawing in crowds as swiftly as she draws her bow.”

Detroit News Weekend Magazine

“Multi-talented...positively compelling...”

UK Trouser Press