Sarah Tomek (drums) / Press

“Tomek brings all kinds of personality and chops to their material... Actually, I should be kinda pissed at Sarah; she made my drums sound way better than I did that night.”

Adam Budofsky - Editorial Director - Modern Drummer E-Newsletter

“The drumming that Sarah Tomek brings is pummeling”

“Sarah Tomek is a consummate professional with an unparalleled work ethic. When she arrives for a session she brings a great energy, a big bag of tricks and the ability to give herself to the song at hand. Her talent is fueled by her hunger to continually learn and to be the best.”

Ron Haney - Producer - Near Records

“...drummer Tomek exudes a blistering swagger”

Michael Canter - www.jivewired.com

“Sarah Tomek’s drumming style runs the gamut from light and airy percussive accompaniments to dark, stormy thunder that gets heads turning everywhere she plays.”

John Pfeiffer - The Aquarian

“Tidal Crusher" offers soft glimpses of the fervent passion displayed by drummer Sarah Tomek throughout the disc.”

Michael Canter - www.jivewired.com

“It was drummer Sarah Tomek’s energy as she banged a tambourine against a cymbal that caught my attention immediately. Her accents did a lot of work in pulling drama and dynamism forth from the songs, and besides, her heaving enthusiasm was fun to watch.”

Erin Sheehy - Jezebel Music