Sarah Packiam / Press

"Calle 8 festival: Happily, one of our favorite local singers, Sarah Packiam, born outside Dublin in County Wicklow, will be right in the middle of it. "

"Sarah has the type of voice that hooks you from the first time you hear it, a beautifully engaging pop styled vocal that's both expressive and mesmerising all at once."

“the EP is pure pop that wears its indie-Americana aspirations on its rolled-up sleeves.”

“This nomadic multiculturalism certainly seems to inform Packiam's latest EP, 'Dream'. The title track hops along with soulful glee and still retains some of that Irish charm, sounding like it wouldn't be out of place along side the likes of Eddie Reader.”

“Sarah Packiam Chats About Trudie Skyler, Shakira, and Working at Cutting Cane Studios in Davie”

“Global warmth of Irish-Indian singer Sarah Packiam”

“Let’s address the obvious right up front: Sarah Packiam‘s stunningly beautiful. Her mix of Irish and Indian genes have blessed her with the kind of beauty that draws stares from across the room, stops traffic on the Champs-Élysées and prompts unrequited lovers to consider a lifetime in a hermitage. But is she just another pretty face behind a fancy guitar or can she really sing a song? (read more at http://michaelverity.com/girls-rock-sarah-packiam/) ”

“Sarah Packiam sings that “You’re A Star,” but, from what we can tell, this prodigious young lady is the one who’s on her way to stardom....“You’re A Star,” a bouncy little pop record that cuts to the chase about what it’s all about to be a girl in the 21st Century. File it along with No Doubt, Madonna and your favorite pop reggae records.”

“She is easily the best up-and-coming female vocalist in South Florida ...”

“Combining a blend of acoustic pop and traditional Irish music with tablas and mandolin instruments playing in the background, Sarah Packiam makes beautiful music. Her mother is Irish and her father is a musician from India.”

“Last weekend I was recording a music video with the director David Dang in Paris for "Everybody Need's Somebody Sometimes." I wrote it sitting alone in and Irish Pub in NY, recorded it in Miami, and made the video in Paris.”

“The songs are diverse and flows seamlessly into each transition holding the listener in her arms. Lyrically she fills the fans with positive imagery, and musically she finds a complexity that represents the cautious nature of her topics.”

“The concoction of enchanting musicality and charm with voluptuous curves and thick wavy hair reveal a unique combination of simultaneously identifiable forest nymph and rock star goddess.”