Sarah MacDougall / Press

“She is touring in April and May and the idea of seeing her in a venue like Camden’s Green Note Cafe or the Amberley Folk Club where she will be 'intimate’ with the audience sounds like heaven to me. ”

“a hugely impressive debut record. ”

“She’ll be crossing the Atlantic to tour England throughout May and June and with this record acting as a primer it’d be just as well getting your tickets early. ”

“mesmerizing and gave a truly blinding performance...magnificent vocals and delightful songs – many of which were full of quirky lyrics about life as it is today...Sarah s songs mixed traditional country with a dash of folk resulting in a phenomenal sound”

Sara Hunt - Maverick Magazine

“What a great record she has! It has easily been my most played CD this year so far”

James Windsor, promoter Cosmic American - email

“With her melancholy dark voice she takes us on a trip through unhappy love, dying crows and satire. Sarah proves that she soon will belong to the big players within Americana/Alternative country...This is what Vancouver should sound like”

DJ Dake, Mosebacke - svullbuk.blogspot.com

“a tasty collection of mid- tempo alt-folk tunes marked by classy instrumentation beyond that of your average Canadian folkie....The violin and cello work is particularly fine. The title track, about a trip to her native Sweden, is a standout”

Winnipeg Free Press

“MacDougall writes engaging lyrics wrapped around appealing melodic hooks and her voice is as beguiling as it s captivating (in her low register she resembles Eliza Gilkyson). She also shows considerable skill as a producer weaving a variety of musical threads into a fascinating musical tapestry”

“...a moving blend of Scandinavian folk and indie Americana. From sing-a-long ditties to heart-breaking epics, Across the Atlantic gracefully highlights the hook, energy, and honesty of one of the most promising exports to come out of Sweden..”

RC Joseph - 24 Hours Vancouver