Sarah Lou Richards / Press

“The album (The Woman Behind the Curtain) is something to be reckoned with. She's a legitimate artist.”

Joe Beck - Nashville songwriter & producer

“It's easy to compare Richards to the usual suspects when it comes to other vocalists, even though they don't all sound exactly alike. But, the fact that she's still finding her sound notwithstanding, fans of singers from Brandi Carlile and Holly Williams to Patty Griffin and Lee Ann Womack should all check this lady out.”

“The arrangements are crisp, varied, and surprisingly upbeat while her buoyant vocals make even the darkest corners seem like glimpses of appending sunrise.”

“There may be a lot of singers today circling a similar sun, but Sarah Lou Richards holds the strongest hand to find her way forward. She has arrived.”

“While it is the familiarity and depth of her sound that will draw you in, try as you might, you really just can’t put your finger on who it is she sounds like which more than plays to her advantage as it is her uniqueness that makes her a relevant artist that stands out. Combine this with her ability to carry a show from a personal standpoint and you have an artist that is worth keeping an eye on.”

"Sarah Lou's powerful voice does justice to her songs thoughtful lyrics."

"Madison native singer/songwriter Sarah Lou Richards is generating considerable buzz these days in Music City. Check her out December 28th at Cafe Nine."

Michael Bingham - New Haven Magazine