Sarah Jebian / Press

“Sarah's voice is made for love songs and lullabies. This album is certain to have universal appeal. It will fit into the collections of people looking for a great pop vocal album. (Who couldn't love Sarah's voice?). It will fit into the collections of people that love cover songs. (Face it this album has some great covers). It is hard not to make comparisons to the originals when listening to this album, but Sarah has made these songs her own. She's changed arrangements, so that when you hear Sarah, you hear something new and different"”

Andrea Guy - Mossip

“As with every terrific album, Sarah Jebian’s debut Love Songs and Lullabies reveals more with each listen... with each successive hearing it becomes apparent that these songs are brilliantly arranged and produced, each one with its own musical hook...surrounds Ms. Jebian with great musicians setting off her diamond solitaire voice like a jewel.”

Paul Myrvold - Out & About Magazine