Sarah Cook / Press

“There is a lot to like about Sarah Cook. She is a unpretentious indie/folk performer that does little to get in the way of her sweet vocals. I picked through every one of her video’s and despite being on the lower end of the card for Clusterfest, she will surprise many of the fans who came for bigger names. Her dorm room to stage vibe makes her a great lead off to the show. Let’s hope we will see more of Sarah around town.”

Texas Fun and Events

“Sarah Cook’s YouTube channels aren’t what you’d call viral. Her videos sit quietly with maybe 150 views per song. Each video features nothing more than a hesitant Cook sitting in her cluttered bedroom and singing songs with unvarnished honesty; to use the phrase “production value” would be a misuse of the term. In these days of Lady GaGa excess, there is something refreshing about that. In place of all the expensive embellishments is something unpretentious, sincere, and unconcerned with fame.”