Sarah Bowman / Press

“The Bowmans, twin sisters Sarah and Claire Bowman, with their new album “Make Sure The Snow Falls”, have given us not only one of the best Christmas releases this year, but, in Der Bingle’s humble opinion, one of the most perfect Christmas musical experiences ever.”

“Die folgenden Stücke aus Bowmans erstem Solo- Album brachten dann neben ihrer Stimme auch ihre Songwriter- Qualitüten zur Geltung. Eingespielt wurde das Werk in Bern mit internationaler Besetzung. I'm Gegensatz zum Titel ihres Albums musste sie aber nicht vor leerem Haus singen. Die kleine Ermitage war bis zum letzten Stuhl gefüllt.”

Urs-Ueli Schorno - Nidwalden Obwalden Neue Zeitung

“EMPTY HOUSES abundantly displays Sarah Bowmans’ enormous talent. While accompanying herself on the guitar, cello, piano and Wurlitzer, Bowman takes her music along an original middle way between folk, pop, and classical music.”

“das war ein Geheimtipp auf dem amerikanischen Folk-Circuit. "Best kept secret on the American folk circuit."”

“… a knack for songwriting that still hasn't managed to lose its sense of imagination... if [Sarah's] music can stay this sweet in a city this tough, or this authentic in a world so quick to adapt and discard the latest fad, they’ll never have left that Iowa hill behind.”

Christian Roman - Deli Magazine

“A hymn like quality to the songs”

J. Adler - Americana UK

“A pastoral slice of Jesse Sykes-style rustic pop where they discover (but don't care) that "the road may take a toll on you.”

Steve Appleford - LA Weekly

“[I’ve] been wanting to get The Bowmans in studio for a long time since hearing their first album, Far from Home…”

Bob Harris - BBC 2 Whispering Bob Harris Show

“Gleich mit dem ersten Song ist klar, dass sich eine andere musikalische Dimension auftut. Dabei spürt man, dass hier zwei Menschen in ungewöhnlich engem Gleichklang schwingen. ”

Giessener Anzeiger

“ “These songs are well crafted short stories laced with memory as narrative device and theme. A line like “this is the place where we talked about parting/ the change in your face marked the actual end…” from “Twenty Days (the Slumber)” is worth the price of admission but they keep coming. ”

JJ Hayes - American Songwriter Magazine