Sarah Beatty / Press

"Black Gramophone is a sweetly acoustic offering. Beatty's got this great blues sensibility, with a little jazz twist thrown in for good measure. Songs like Finer Things, which had a real olde time blues feel, and The Right Shoes, that conjures up a Billie Holiday meets Feist vibe, really showcase her impressive voice."

"Local singer/songwriter Sarah Beatty's new CD, Black Gramophone, is a spectacular mix of old fashioned folk/country blues with modern touches."

"The highlight of the album is the vocal work of Beatty. From the sweet harmonizing she does (with herself) on the opener "To Be", it is hard not to be charmed by the honest emotion that comes through in her singing. Her delivery on "What Do We Say", for example, is so intimate and vulnerable that you swear she was singing to herself in her living room."

"This [Black Gramophone] is a fine debut record, and one more singer-songwriters should use as a model for their own works."

"The featured song's harmonies remind me a little of Sweden's female duo First Aid Kit, a positive thing by any standard. Sarah tells stories and drives the songs with some funky acoustic guitar play. Excellent debut in our opinion."