Sara Groban / Press

“Your songs are amazing! :]”

Ali McCollister - Myspace

“wow this is awesome! i never knew you had all this talent. i'm like totally in awe”

Anthony - Myspace

“hey sara im loving the music!!!”

Shannon And Natalie - Myspace

“Your music sounds better than ever!”

Lindsay Clark - Myspace

“didn't know you were a badass singer/songwriter! thanks for the great music!!”

Ray Capiral - Myspace

“you've got a helluva lot of talent.”

Ben Cook Feltz - Myspace

“I enjoyed listening to your songs... what a talent you are.. beyond your years..”

Anonymous Poets Of Our Time - Myspace

“Great songs, you've got a really good voice and seems like you have really good control of it”

Donco Records - Myspace

“You're music is great - I love No Accusations!”

Jimmy Jenkins - Myspace