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“Busuk Webzine Interview: My Interview with Death Metal Band from New Jersey, USA - SAPREMIA”

“Patrick of Primitive Ways Zine interviews Lou!”

“Sapremia are no strangers to me or any of my shows & were one of the first bands I played on Internet radio. Autumn's Moon is the 3rd full length album from Sapemia & is available on Butchered Records and Sevared Records. I also have the EPs Sapremia released through the last few years & was very lucky to receive one of the band's old demos too. Don't mind me just embarking on a bit of a fan fair I guess lol. Its been great to see Sapremia grow, but still retain their solid direct approach presenting a non trend orientated style of death metal. Yes I'm talking about that same old message regarding current commercial trends especially with trend death I mean tech death, which grates on me. There has been a resurgence of late with many DM bands appearing who play more of a less polished & less manufactured style. It is why I recommend Autumn's Moon to everybody out there who just wants to hear something not concerned with a populist market. Sapremia simply just play & let the music spea”

“Chris Forbes interviews Lou about the new album and much more!”

“The Metal Evangelist reviews Autumn's Moon”

“Josh reviews Autumns Moon!”

“SAPREMIA/Autumn’s Moon (Butchered Records) Oh they blew me away live recently and now I have their latest release. Oh what a wicked display of death metal this is. Perfect death metal vocals and speed and intensity to back it up. The songs just totally crush and are a death metal treat like a pic of Faith’s ass in a thong. Hi Kyber Pass….They do bring something to the table and they also have an original sound to them as well as songs to back it up. Speedy riffs will have the air guitar in you playing. Real death metal vocals and not some generic singing that pollutes the underground these days. One of the best releases of the year no doubt”

“Sapremia-Autumn's Moon cd {Butchered Rec.} Sapremia from New Jersey are a band that have been around the death/thrash scene for quite a few years now and Autmn's Moon is the band second full length.Nine tracks of ripping,aggressive death/thrash metal.This is how it should be done fast,heavy guitars pummeling,pounding drums that are catchy as well heavy and blasting fast.Sapremia are not all brutal,speed as the band slows to heavy mid-paced riffs and heavy mid-paced drums before picking up the pace again.Lou's vocals are a perfect fit with Sapremia's music as he has a gruff,raw death metal growl highly recommended to anyone and everyone who enjoys aggressive,catchy death/thrash metal”