Sapphire Rebellion / Press

"Sapphire Rebellion's latest effort, "Pocketful of X-Rays," is chock full of catchy tunes the beats and synths are very infections, yet the lyrics strike really close to the heart; I believe there's no song on this record that no one can relate to."

"Pocketful Of X-Rays hits the nail on the head...The entire groove of Pocketful of X-Rays is filled with catchy melodies and attention to detail... Any downsides to it? Wish there were more than 8 songs."

“SR wraps you up in vignettes of delightful story-telling about strange women, lonely men & alien bars. SR has crafted a unique mix of metal but with simple sparce riffs against a simple background of stiff & basic drum rhythms & keyboards with guitar solos like something out of the New Wave/Men At Work world.”

“The Tallahassee based Sapphire Rebellion consists of frontman Tim Curry, and Jay Godin on drums. Their darkwave sound has been garnering the band a bit of attention since their formation.”

“Their sound is a sweet mixture of industrial, goth, and pop music that certainly sets them apart from the average band. With a unique sound, catchy hooks, and strong vocals, Sapphire Rebellion has all the right stuff that music lovers will enjoy.”