Sans Jose / Press

"The homemade recording sounds like it was tracked in a huge trash can. But it must have been a handsome trash can with enough room to let the guitars and cymbals ring and the bass drum booms... Judging by the fuzz and distortion across the tracks, the recording levels must have gone into the red during the loudest measures."

“Between the distorted guitars, the frenzied vocals and the rapid-fire drumming, there is a lot to love here. Each song, even with its collective brevity, has its own personality, from the retro-British Invasion sound of “Shoot Shoot” to the more contemporary “Red Giant” with its consistent wall of organ, guitars and drums. The CD is over in a flash. But in that brief time, you’ll wonder what hit you the first time you spin it. I don’t know about you, but I love it when a record can do that to you.”

“Bandmates Jim Faust, Will Cox, Chaz Straney, Scott Dence, and Stefan Rogenmoser formed in 2010 and worked up a set of melodic and jivin’ guitar pop and garage-rock. They crammed some of it into CDs last week.”

“Celebrating the release of a new studio collection.”

“While the image of gophers flying through the air is hilarious, that's not exactly what this "surfy punk rock" band is going for.”