"a local band from PG county MD the singer Jon had a great stage presence and energy... the song structure was a lot more loose more along the advant garde type sound with a lot of 90’s influence and back when the whole first wave of politically charged bands really were making the re-emergence in the rock and metal scene... the drummer was very accomplished and very well timed... one of my favorite parts of the set was the bassist oh man you don’t hear too many bassists like that...really good"

“Their name is a portmanteau of the words “sans” (e.g. without) and “hedron” (e.g. shape). Like a shapeless mass of interstellar darkness, Sanhedron are the creators of punishing dark musical power. And did I mention that they’re heavy? Drawing influences from rock, metal, and hip hop, their ever-shifting, extreme music is like a barely controlled ball of dark matter threatening to engulf everything in its path.”

"This week’s featured band is a metal out of Maryland called Sanhedron. Just a few weeks ago these guys debuted on the station and they’ve made such an impression that they’re already being featured for the week. They have a strong online presence, and... They’ve got an EP coming very soon, but in the meantime you can catch them... at the Boneyard in Atlantic City. Tune in all this week as Sanhedron will be in heavy rotation.

“Its hard to describe exactly what they are musically but all I can say is, if you are a fan of straight ahead hard rock/metal that is more than deserving of everyone throwing up their devil horns, then get out to see these guys.... Get your riot gear ready..... This sh*t is bananas yo!”

“This young, but season[ed] group of guys have been jamming since 1996, and they set out to show the other bands just how they do things. This band is the whole package.... As the opening band for the night they also lit the fuse that ignited the fire that is Sanhedron as well as lighting the way for the bands to follow the rest of the night.... The energy and deliverance of the music is nothing short of intense. These guys are out to make a mark on Baltimore and have already done so with their performance tonight.”

“SANHEDRON's music is soulful as well as expressive... I find them as a cross between Soundgarden and System of a Down. While listening... the guitars reach in and pull you into the music. For the first time in a while I'm excited about a new band and cannot wait to see them live.”

“Now this band has something entirely unique sounding. They have a hip-hop like beat and still maintain the flow of heavy rock. I really like it, and I know a lot of you will too, so go check them out!”

“Musically, this is about as weirdly edgy as it gets.”

Ray Lane - The Washington Times - Washington Weekend