Sang-Freud / Press

“Capturing the spirit of the gods of metal in all its fire-breathing glory, this dynamic power-trio breathes life into guitar-driven riffs, thunderous drumming, and mallet-style basslines, with boundless turbocharged energy”

“It’s a rhythmic Thrash Metal the likes of which are rarely seen these days...Powerful beats and shouting but melodic vocals... make this demo a rockin slab of metal featuring steady guitars and solid beats...I sense a rising star here.”

“Sang - Freud, a metal band that shows exceptional promise were nothing short of fantastic... Jonathan Lisinski left the audience breathless as guitarist, never flagging in his performance, but growing more and more pumped as the evening wore on.”

Sheila O'Hearn - Fergus/Elora NewsExpress - Mar. 09/2005