Sandy Reay / Press

“Sandy Reay's song, "Already Gone" was performed by Steve Jones along with three others on stage, including a cello. It was beautiful.”

"Already Gone" is one of the top 5 finalists for Best Original Song. "I Wanted to Fly" (the CD) is one of the top 6 finalists for Collaboration / Compilation Album

“Listed "I Wanted to Fly" as the #8 CD and "Already Gone" as the #6 song.”

“A bunch of musicians have seen something special in this CD. And folks, a bunch of musicians don't agree on much!!”

Rick Huff - Western Way

“... the songs are captivating and ultimately interesting. ...Sandy’s songs rank with those penned by many of the best western songwriters…Chris Wall comes to mind. I love Red Shoes, and I love Car Full of Collies. I’m humming Maybe This Time as I write.”

Jon Chandler, musician and award-winning songwriter - Jon's email to press and fans

"One Lonely Rider," "Sandstorm From Sedona" and "Already Gone" ... are really fines ones ... songs that deserve to win a place in the repertoires of others.

Rick Huff - Western Way

“I was struck by [Sandy's] lyrical integrity and insight. Well, actually I was struck by how fun the lyrics were. When I heard the jazzy-swingy recorded version [of Sandstorm From Sedona], I was surprised and delighted at how Sandy had taken a western theme, rejected its minor-chord stereotype and given it a new, intriguing, and yes, purely western aspect.”

Jon Chandler, musician and award-winning songwriter - Jon's email to press and fans

“I am thinking Lyle Lovett needs to record Black Leather Coat. I'll Hold You Close caused me heart flutters. Your stories are genuine and touching ! Thanks for this wonderful project !”

Shawn Winchester, musician - email

“I commend you for giving all of us a great slice of American music the way we love to hear it.”

Bob Wheeler, author of "The Daddy Book" and "The S - email

“Hi San: We sure enjoyed listening to your CD on our way back to Steamboat on Sunday morning. Way to go! By the way, when "Hitchhiker" came on, we passed a fellow that was hitchhiking. The truck was full of instruments, etc., so we couldn't stop, but, talk about timing. Anyway, there are a couple of songs that I/we would like to work up and put into our shows--with your permission, of course. They are "Already Gone" and "One Lonely Rider".”

Steve Jones, Yampa Valley Boys - email

“the cd is Wonderful, Thank you so very much...I love it...how creative and evolving you are ! You go girl !”

Betty Spreen, entertainment director, Colorado Renaissance Festival - email

“Nice array of tunes and performances. Didn't know BJ has such a pleasant singing voice. I'll play State Line Cafe on Feb 28 bewteen 9 &10a.”

Jerry Mills, radio show host of Rocky Mountain Bluegrass on KOLT FM, 100.7 FM - email

“I've just finished playing your CD through TWICE, so I get all the nuances and flavors. MY COMPLIMENTS.......IT'S GREAT! Thank you for recording all that good stuff. Best wishes and keep well”

Ed Hawkins, e-Books Inc - email

“BJ, I just listened to Sandy Reay's CD 'I Wanted to Fly". My favorite track was probably Free Fall. Nice job both vocally and on piano!”

Gary Barker, Loose Cannon Bluegrass Band - email

“Sandy, I just finished listening to your CD. WOW! There are some great songs on there. You have a great way with lyrics and it was nice that so many other musicians thought so too, to be a part of it. Congrats!”

Gary Barker, Loose Cannon Bluegrass Band - email

“Reay takes the leads on vocals on five of the tracks, while on all of the co-written songs — even though she is responsible for most of the lyrics — she allows her co-writer to sing, lending to the album a nice variety and vocal blend.”

Ryan Boldrey - Tri-Lakes Tribune

“...her songs are blessed with fresh and adventurous lyrics.”

Rick Huff - Western Way

“Thanks for sending along your "I Wanted to Fly" CD. I will be using "Sandstorm From Sedona" from it on my "Swingin' West" radio shows. Good luck with the CD! Later,”

Mike Gross, WVOF-FM - email

“Dear San, Upon arriving home yesterday ... I received your new album and have enjoyed listening to it ... since I read Rick Huff's review just a week ago. ...Your album has an excellent mix and I'll be including selection(s) beginning on May 30, 2010! Sincerely,”

Al (aka Herb Sudzin), "Sudzin Country / Early Morning Trails" WRSU-FM - email

“Hello Ms Reay Thanks ever so much for I Wanted to Fly!! We look forward to sharing I Wanted to Fly w/ our audience & will endeavor to warrant future music. We have Sandy Reay entered into our artist database!! ...With kind regards”

Michael Chenault, WGOE - email

“Hi Sandy, Thanks for your new CD. I’ll be playing “Already Gone” from it on my show that starts on May 24th. The show will run for the full week. To access it, our web address is: BostonPete.com. Listeners will need to click on the red line that says “O.J.s Latest Time” to access the current show. After the week ends, the show will be moved to the data bank and will play at random over the next few months or longer. I realize this is a little early to give you a heads up, but I didn’t want to forget. Enjoy! Regards,”

O.J. Sykes, "Western Music & Bluegrass Time." BostonPete.com - email

“You Colorado folks sure have a vibrant musical community and its my pleasure to share the music with my audience. Whatever we call the style (roots, americana) doesn't matter -- its the stories, melodies and insights that merge to make a recording interesting (and radio worthy). Sandy Reay has accomplished that with a creative spirit and the help of a superb supporting cast. Well done.”

Steve Clarke, "Acoustic Planet," Erin Radio - email