Sandy McKnight POP-CLIQUE / Press

“Maybe a tribute album is in order? What you’ve got here is a parallel history of white-boy pop music over the last thirty years through the prism of one great songwriter you may not have ever heard of. We’ll skip all the would-a, should-a, could-a talk—that will become abundantly clear when you listen. There are as many hits here as on any album you’ll ever buy. Period. ”

Paul Rapp - Columbia Arts

““McKnight likes a hook. Heck, he loves a hook. And he tosses them off effortlessly, dropping tuneful turns of phrase like raindrops across the width and breadth of his ambitious new 66-song retrospective, “How I Changed The World.” Slip in any of the three discs that make up the box set and you’ll be transported to an eclectic, yet focused “World” that is at once thrilling and comforting. You’ve heard every one of these songs before, you just can’t remember where or when. They have that much immediacy, that much strength. They’re the kind of closet classics that will have you singing along by the second chorus.” – Michael Eck ”

Michael Eck - Columbia Journal

“Wow! This is one seriously massive undertaking. Singer-songwriter-producer-etc. Sandy McKnight has dug through his vaults to put together a best-of compilation of his work throughout the years. But this is no ordinary compilation. It’s a whopping three-CD set that features a total of 66 songs. And these discs ain’t skimpy, either. Clocking in at 69 minutes and 47 seconds, disc one (dubbed “The Hits”) is the shortest of the three. It’s all neatly wrapped up in a nifty, 12×12-inch, vinyl album-like package. It’s all a bit too much for a normal person to listen to, let alone digest. Which is too bad because this is good stuff. Really good stuff."”

“McKnight has a big power-pop heart, and it shines through everywhere on these discs – catchy, infectious hooks, memorable ear-candy melodies and sturdy, chugging rhythms. McKnight’s impressive songcraft and vocals resonate with the influence Elvis Costello and Colin Hay, but he cuts such a wide swath across the history of pop music that it’s unfair to pigeon hole his approach. The biggest problem with this set is that it’s so gigantic, so ambitious that I’m afraid it’s going to scare away casual listeners. So just go his website and sample a few tracks for free. Ease your way into his undeniable pop world. Chances are good that you’ll find yourself singing along with the first song that you hear. And then you’ll be hooked… ”

“If you’ve never heard these songs, consider this one of life’s second chances. And if you appreciate superbly crafted, neo-classic songs, listening to these CDs is guaranteed to be time better spent than flipping through the pages of Rolling Stone or listening to the next iteration of the Beatles’ catalogue in 3-D spectrovision.”

Dan Marcus - Hollywood Songwriter

“Sandy’s story, of course, begins in the Paleolithic era of vinyl and magnetic tape. His musical mentors were the classic artists from “back in the day,”--the Beatles, the Who, and other fighting units of the British Invasion, along their American counterparts like the Young Rascals and those early precursors of the Ragamuffins of Love, the Archies. ...Call it ambition, call it hubris, but in his writing, arranging, and performing he’s always striven for his own place in the sun as part of the great ongoing tradition of song craft. And here’s what’s maddening about the whole thing: the son of a gun delivers. Through all his various incarnations and self re-inventions, he’s clearly a career artist, whether you’re aware of his career or not. And that’s what these CDs prove beyond any reasonable doubt.”

Dan Marcus - Hollywood Songwriter