Sandy Hoffman Music / Press

"Sereno is a truly sweet and engaging record . . . ! What strikes me most about [it] is the fact that the songs you write are just that- songs- with accessible song structure and clear, definable, hummable melodies. I've always held that the melodies that resonate with the masses are . . . rooted in the voice and not invented on a fretboard- and I can tell that you intuitively understand this as well... Your CD is a fine collection of stories told from the heart and played with an overall pleasing spiritual vibe- and that probably accounts for the unanimously positive response you're getting from players and non-players alike..."

“Largely a solo guitar album, with just a smattering of percussion and synth strings, Sereno is warm and inviting, especially when Hoffman plays his Kevin Ryan "Nightingale" acoustic...It evokes many memories of sunny days, rolling hills, and clashing ocean waves, through Hoffman's use of dynamics and the alternating of strumming, slapping and picking styles throughout. Hoffman's fingerstyle playing is exceptionally articulate, yet retains a smooth flow when needed...full of pleasures that may not bowl you over at first blush, but given the time to sink in will, hopefully, inspire the feelings of peace, joy and contentment that caused Hoffman to write and record these songs in the first place. "”


"Sereno is perfect for a lazy summer afternoon, whether sipping an iced tea or just lounging in a hammock. It will appeal to those who enjoy guitarist Leo Kottke and the fingerpicking style of Doc Watson."