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“Just Yours "For I was born to be, just yours..." Written and Directed by Sandy Bigara (The Game, Animal Tails I & II, Beswitched, Songs of Love, Rapunzel)”

“Fully trained as a Bella Canto singer specializing in Aria Antiche, Art Song and Folk Song, she received an award from the Italian Consulate for her efforts in the Aria Category of the Queensburgh Eisteddfod and was the title holder of the Aria Antiche Trophy awarded by the Societa Dante Alighieri in Durban.”

“After a successful launch in 2014, Sandy Bigara’s “A Night to Remember” Classical, Jazz and Traditional Folk Album has been a hit with Durban Audiences. Enjoy the exclusive opportunity to purchase her new Vintage Blues Album “Autumn Walk” as Sandy moves joyously through multiple musical genres, in this fabulous night of song... with a twist."”

“Bigara’s 2014 album, A Night to Remember, released in August, has received a warm welcome from Durban audiences. Sandy’s online music profile spent most of last year at number one in South Africa, and is currently at number one in Durban on the Reverbnation international music charts. Her independently-released singles, Butterflies and Heart You Are Gone, have enjoyed both local and international radio play.”

“The popular entertainer promises a fabulous night of song. With a twist. ‘I’ll also be telling stories about the music, as well as tales of my own musical journey. I will play a piano, a real one,’ she chuckles, ‘and use backing tracks for some songs. I’ll be performing in multiple musical styles, from Classical, light Bel Canto, Arie Antiche, Vintage Blues, through to Jazz, and possibly even an item in isiZulu.’”

“Sandy Bigara has created a showcase for her affiliation with Celtic culture as she plays with the colour green, the faerie world and traditional Gaelic music from Ireland. Re-telling the tale, she introduces a timeline, so it is a little girl (Sandy’s daughter Savanna) who meets the Frog in the garden and who promptly forgets the promise she made to him in exchange for her golden ball. Growing up spoilt and selfish, without the benefit of a father, who has never returned from war, Princess Apple Green is a beautiful young woman by the time the Frog finds his way to her castle to claim his prize.”

“Sandy Bigara’s fresh new staging of this famous Grimm’s fable is set to enchant audiences at Durban’s popular Catalina Theatre.”

“Sandy Bigara’s fresh new staging of this famous Grimm’s fable is set to enchant audiences, both young and young-at-heart, at Durban’s popular Catalina Theatre on Wilson’s Wharf this festive season…”

“Sandy Bigara is well known for her children’s theatre productions and she has revived one of her popular shows ‘Zap and Buttons’ for the Festival. With three charming characters – Zap the exercise fairy, Buttons the fashion cat and Junk the coach potato, the play teaches kids about healthy life style while keeping the playful energy going with lots of participation, singing and dancing. Well-rounded performances from all three performers”

“This funny and heartwarming story, written by local performing artist Sandy Bigara, toured to over 50 000 children all across KZN.”

““The award-winning Fantastical Flea Circus and Zap and Buttons are two productions from more established companies working in the children’s theatre field." Join Zap & Buttons in this show about fitness, health and nutrition. This funny and heart-warming story written by local performing artist Sandy Bigara.”

“After working at the Selati Brilliant Baking and then Sweet Treats Theatres in DBN, CT and JHB Sandy was christened the “Singing Chef” by the Chefs that assisted her, and has enjoyed her time doing baking demo’s with a musical twist; whether it is whipping up cream to O Mio Babbino Caro or setting puddings to Santa Lucia!”

“There will be a cameo appearance by Justin Beaver, as well as the debut per- formance of the talented Savanna Rae Grace (four-and-a-half-years old) as the show’s opening act.”

““Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let down your hair!” following on from the successful ANIMAL TAILS and ANIMAL TAILS II, Sandy Bigara is bringing to life one of the most well known and well loved classics, Rapunzel.”

“RESPECTED Durban entertainers Shika Budhoo and Sandy Bigara have combined their talents to bring a new offering to stage in the form of Beswitched. Budhoo and Bigara have ensured the play is jam-packed with a laugh-a-minute script. But it’s not to be mistaken for a purely slapstick offering as it is in reading between the lines that you will find the real jewels of this piece.”

“Using comedy, the play intelligently brings forth the issues that arise when intercultural marriages take place. We get to see what Leela and Pamela’s family and friends think about their union through multiple frank, yet funny, characterisations that do not spare the audience from a South African reality of racial dissension.”

“Vocalist: Sandy Bigara – http://www.sandybigara.com/ – oh my gosh we love this woman! With the whirlwind of the day and being whisked off on our gamedrive photoshoot, we unfortunately did not get to spend much time with Sands, but her voice echoed through the beautiful valley and so we were able to enjoy the ‘cocktail hour’ as much as our guests. Poor Sands had a teeny car malfunction the day before the wedding but come hell or high water this amazing person made miracles happen, arriving early and demurely stunned us and our guests with her angelic voice both during the ceremony and afterwards at the pool area. So thankful we got her to agree to be a part of the whole day, everyone loved it.”

“Exploring the ties that bind, the girls have to go down memory lane to swop back bodies before the big day. A rollercoaster of fun and frivolity, that will keep your family's funny bone tickled.”

“I'm singing with Durban's fabulous cabaret performer, Sandy Bigara, in Colin Penn's new show - The Doris Day Show. We're performing in PMB this Sunday the 1st July at the St John's United Church Hall. It's music from the 50's and 60's, but if that's not your vibe, come anyway and see us rocking out in blonde wigs :)”

"She was the world’s sweetheart! She was the girl next door! She was the star of 39 films, sold millions of records and was the darling of the 50’s and 60’s." So affirms Colin Penn whose next show pays tribute to Doris Day in a programme that sees her hit songs performed by well-known Durban cabaret artist Sandy Doherty-Bigara and Pietermaritzburg’s Haylea Hounson backed by Colin Penn and his Pennants.

“A concert is to be held on Friday to raise funds for the release of kidnapped Durban couple Bruno Pellizzari and Debbie Calitz. Pelizzari and Calitz were captured in October 2010 when their yacht, the SY Choizil, was seized off the Mozambique Channel by Somali pirates, who are demanding a ransom of US $1.5 million (R12m).”

“This stunning painting is a work by artist Sandy Bigara...”

“If you've read the book, watched the movie, or many other Rapunzel theatre productions - this promises to be different and worth your time. We spoke to Sandy Bigara, Director and Producer of Rapunzel.”

“Running at the Catalina Theatre is Animal Tails, a holiday show for young children. A collaboration between Durban playwright, Sandy Bigara and her grandmother, author Joan Bottriell, the show features five short stories by the author that have been adapted for stage.”

“This year, the second instalment, Animal Tails II is returning with a bang to The Catalina Theatre and promises to provide another action-packed adventure, featuring some of the characters from last year’s show.”