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“We're getting ready and warming up some rock hearts with the new music video from Sandmarx: Supervilllain! One of the city's finest live bands playing during music festival Bergen Saturday June 6. Rejoice!”

“Vocalist Sandra Szabo gets gritty in a commanding performance on the bluesy, modern rock song “Band On Fire.” With shades of Guns N’ Roses and even some Black Crowes, the Norwegian band Sandmarx finds a sweet groove and hits on some addictive riffs. The other songs on their album, The Perfect Storm, vary at times in style, but rarely in intensity.”

“[Sandmarx is] a modern hard rock band with loads of energy and catchy and great tunes. It is impossible to talk about this band without mentioning front(wo)man Sandra Szabo, and guitarist Marcus Greenway. She sings incredibly well and is otherwise a naturally gifted frontwoman. He serves his audience solo after solo in the purest Slash style. Common to both of them, is a crazy-good energy and a fabulous stage presence. Gorgeous!”

“......The majority of songs off The Perfect Storm are interesting and captivating, but I must say that the gritty and bluesy "Band on Fire" and the varied "No More Chances" stand out the most to me. However, the songs are generally quite dynamic, and the band obviously has a knack for writing memorable songs that possess a drive and have some intensity to them. Sandmarx strikes a nice balance between all-out rocking riffs and passages, somewhat emotional and melancholic parts, and bluesy and melodic stuff. Heck, there are even a few epic and grand parts scattered throughout the record, "Sorrow" being a pretty good example of that. Notice how the guitar solos present in the aforementioned song really underline its epic atmosphere! The voice of Sandra Zsabo is awesome and truly compliments the songs in that it covers a lot of ground. She sounds gentle and almost fragile in places only to suddenly explode and blow your head clean off. Great stuff!.....”

“‘The Perfect Storm’ lasts just over 41 minutes filled with one great song after another! It starts off slowly with the intro, however it doesn’t take long for this band to show you what there are all about with a song that comes and hits you right between the eyes, with the front woman’s incredibly powerful classic rock vocals that bring the whole album together and their chucky guitar riffs that will make you want to stand on a table playing the air guitar you have! This is a band that knows how to write some hard hitting songs and yet still has that emotion that makes you fall in love with your favourite band! Three songs to check out: - Your Creation - Sorrow - Circus”

“Rockin' feel good song. Singer with attitude. This is a very good rock song! I was immediately sucked in by its alluring beat and rhythm. It's a simple song musically, but you deliver it in a rockin' feel-good way with unique lead vocals that distinguish this song from lots of others in this same genre. I immediately loved the singer's voice. It really had that tough, but female quality that can go so well with this style if done right. This singer does it right. There's an "attitude" just like she sings about. The "oh oh oh" is definitely a sing-along hook and so is the refrain. The vocalist has just the right touch to make this band have a sound different from most other bands out there. I also thought the musicianship was above par and this sounded very professional. But mostly I liked the "rockness" of this song. Keep up the great work! Thanks for letting me listen to your music.”

Song review for "Attitude"

“The voice of Sandra Szabo is like an angel's kissed by the devil.”

“To warm up the audience, Sandmarx had the honor of starting the show. This band has been working vigorously over the past few years to build up. I've heard them a few times, and I must say that they now sound very good. It's not often songs with Guns `N Roses inspired riffs work anymore, but blending in the early 80's (Mötley Crüe) kind of stuff, it actually sounds tough. When one of the guitarists has a George Lynch guitar and the band has Sandra Szabo on vocals, it is a mix that smells like rock n' roll!”

“We have been watching & listening to a little bit of everything over the last few months and all of the videos & music have been OUTSTANDING but there is always one tune that comes out every summer that makes it all memorable and that song tops the CYBERSPACE CHARTS this week!!! She is the little Lady with the POWER HOUSE voice that has brought us endless hours of Video Music Covers shaking us all night long with her Rocket Queen style. The BEAUTEOUS SandmarX rock & rolls their way into the Number One Hit of the week with her Original tune Buy The World that catches the ear by surprise with a killer riff and virtually delivers the summer time fun with smiles:))) APPLAUDING!!!! APPLAUDING!!!”

“When SandmarX was formed in early 2010 no one knew each other from before, but when we saw them live in February it was clear that this is a band with good interaction and a unique ability to capture audiences. Does the best rock vocals in Bergen belong to Sandra Szabo, lead singer of SandmarX? We are certainly persuaded! Although SandmarX is a relatively new band, they have already established themselves on the rock scenes in Bergen: Garage, Inside, etc. are already conquered! Inspired by heroes like Guns n' Roses, Led Zeppelin and Skid Row, they play a modernized, upgraded version of the heavy rock of the 80s, with an insane dose of energy and enthusiasm. Otherwise, we were told that they apparently are quite a few accident-prone persons. After their second concert, they managed to wreck a car and steer it off a bridge, and another time they almost lit on backstage ... Accidents backstage, success onstage? We believe in the latter, and see a bright future in sight for SandmarX!”

“Thank you guys so much for last night, as much as I love the other bands, you were the one that I was really amazed at, and I mean it if there is anything I can do to help promote you, looking forward to hearing your album soon. Wx”

“It’s no secret that I love strong female vocals, and this is a great example of that sort. The unsigned band, SandmarX, delivers good old Friday night rock with a twist of 2010. Very recommendable!”

““As I close my eyes it strikes me that I might as well be on a Guns N 'Roses concert in the late 80's. But I'm not on the Ritz. The year is not 1988, and the band is not about to break up. I open my eyes and see the new wine frolic uncontrollably onstage. Awesome riffs, and with a vocalist so feminine that not even Axl Rose can reach up. Rock is not dead, it's not even sick. With Sandmarx, rock will live in 100, if not 1000 years "”

Marius Træland (Flatøy Rock Fest) - - pre-review before a concert