Sanctum Sully / Press

“Asheville's Sanctum Sully fits right in with the progressive contingent leading the charge in N.C. bluegrass. Like Steep Canyon Rangers or Chatham County Line, the band's melodic pathways are paved mostly with pop, harnessing tangled acoustic instrumentation to make hooks as unavoidably catchy as mountain bramble. The recently released "Trade Winds" sees the group refining its approach, and rustic harmonies and bustling arrangements add a comfortably road-worn feel to slick and satisfying songs.”

Mountain Xpress

“Sanctum Sully retain a close affinity to the traditional, while still involving just enough swagger to tick off their teachers.”

““Trade Winds” is professional, polished, well-produced and well-engineered. The quality of their singing stands out, makes you sit up and listen.”

“The crux of Sanctum Sully is indeed their powerful instrumental abilities, and on the album’s title track they embark on steady picking runs, breaking stride only to punctuate Jay Franck’s gentle tenor.”

“Bluegrass instrumentation collides with rock, jam band riffs, mountain music, original songwriting and three-part harmony when West Asheville-based Sanctum Sully takes the stage.”

“Asheville quintet Sanctum Sully...have built up a sterling reputation as a band capable of unfailing energy on stage geared toward the barroom rather than the back porch.”