Samuel Barker / Press

“Take the Blame is a damn fine song, Samuel. I'm loving this. You've got fans in Ottawa.”

Frank Smith - Sills & Smith

“I am a huge Chris Knight Fan and Samuel sounds so much like him. You have a new fan right here.”

Donna Brickman - CXCW

“somebody tell that bald dude in Na$hville this is how you do a beach song w/out being a toolbag about it. good work”

Gabe Wootton - CXCW

“Love your gritty, outlaw sound…perfect lyrics. Beautiful!”

Cause Vs. Effect

“great songwriter of common man.”

“The highlight is the song Kansas, altcountry from the book. Almost with traces of the debut of Son Volt.”

"Three guys took the stage with a guitar, harmonica, bass, and a completely stripped down drum kit and started belting out some pretty damn good music."


That Drunk Guy Over There