Sample Logic / Press

“I assumed that this was going to be another orchestral library with some bolted-on tweaking facilities, but Morphestra turns out to be more adventurous than that. Much effort has gone into creating something out of the ordinary, and the results are imaginative, varied and rewarding; another advantage is that, unlike some libraries, it contains a wide enough range of material to create self-contained pieces of music, albeit of a somewhat warped nature!”

“Morphestra places Sample Logic at the topmost standing, along with an intensely creative handful of sound designers of instruments for film and games. It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words; almost any given patch in Morphestra can paint a thousand pictures. For anyone interested in the cutting edge of imaginative composition, I give Morphestra my highest recommendation.”

“The generous collection of patches and Multis provides plenty of inspiring and useful compositional tools for those looking for more-fanciful sound sources. It's heartening to hear sampled instruments delving into less charted sonic territory, and Synergy rates highly among its competition. Give it a listen.”