Sammy Witness and The Reassignment / Press

“There’s a sweet timbre to Sammy Witness’s voice that can be deceiving. Just when you start to think she’s not the type of singer to break out into a guitar-and-percussion-fueled rock frenzy, an explosive track like “In Spirals” comes along – and you’re jolted out of any notions you might have had that you were dealing with another slow-strumming coffee-house folkie.”

“She’s walking in a triangle between indie-rock, folk and pop-rock. The music is catchy enough for the pop market while original enough to be memorable. The lyrics are poetic, candid and relatable. Even more surprising than all that is the presence of a genuine rock n’ roll sensibility uncommon to most of what one experiences in the pop realm, especially with a female singer.”

“The day she graduated she booked a ticket to Seattle, WA on a whim. When she got there, she ended up playing a show at popular club, The Can Can after three days as a troubadour in the city. Next thing she knew Witness was opening for artists she had seen on talk shows that were selling out venues all over the NorthWest.”

“Everything about this EP is genuine, from honest lyrical content to dynamic music that flows behind each story told. This not something you just pop in while you pass the time between train stops, this is music that walks with you when you are lonely, pushes you when you are lazy, and carries you when you feel like you can’t go on.”

“So, if Sammy's goal is to grab your attention, that's just what she did. Remarkable song writing skills and her vibrant personality have won me over as a forever fan.”