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“popVLTR: "Congrats on 'Frenchman's Cay', who are some of your influences? SaGoBa: Thanks. My influences are mostly keyboard based musician/songwriter/singers. Favorites are Steve Winwood, Donald Fagen. Peter Gabriel and Paul McCartney. My main inspiration for the music in Frenchman's Cay was the English Group, Procol Harum and their piano player/songwriter/singer, Gary Brooker. One of my favorite tunes ever is Salty Dog, by Procol Harum. I love the marriage of pop music and classical. In college, music theory classes were my favorites." ”

"I'm presently in the process of relocating to southwest Florida and taking time off from performing. I'm using this time to write material for a new album. Presently, I'm about 2/3 finished with the tunes that will be on the album and hope to have it ready by early 2014."

“Great sound, Sammy ... Love the complex yet melodic "Pop Rock" sound.”

“Pro, arrangement, writing, production and performance! Nothing but professional, great work!”

“Cool tunes, nice arrangements, great keyboard playing, AWESOME voice! ”

“You sound like Steve Winwood ... Great Job.. Scott North Country Flyers ”

“Dear Sammy, so refreshing and exhilarating! your music, took me on a wonderful journey. Absolutely fantastic! Peace & Love always Ryo,”

“Steely Dan meets ELO, awesome. Love your sound.”

“Love the original work here Sammy. Love the sound, mix and delivery. Top shelf”

“We really loved listening to your work, listening to good songwriting is a passion and when we saw Billy Joel and Elton John in your sounds like list we had to dig in and check it out. Going to spend the rest of the evening listening to all your songs (now that we are all caught up for the day). Just our way of showing some appreciation for your support. After listening to all your songs got to say that 'Suddenly Irrelevant' is the most impressive of all the tracks, and that includes all the great covers you've done by others. Interesting that you start and end your playlist with that song.”

“great sounds Sammy! cool voice too! My Escape has a sort of Stevie Wonder feel to it!”

“Awesome music and singing here. The talented Sammy Gold is the real thing.We are your fans......... ”

“Whoa! Steve Winwood reborn! Great performances and what a terrific vocal! Top notch! Rock on ”

“My Escape ...awesome composition, arrangement & musicianship!.”