Sammy Drain / Press

“March 13th, is Sammy Drain Day. As issued by Larry Gossett of the Metropolitan King County Council. Sammy was a childhood friend of Jimi Hendrix and they learned guitar together. Sammy is smooth like his rhythm and blues. He performs every Tuesday night at China Harbor - 2040 Westlake Ave. N. He says, “Even as a kid, Jimi had vision. There were mirrors and feathers on his bike.” Sammy is also an actor and was in the show L.A. Law. A woman recently walked into the post office on 23rd and Union. Sammy was standing near the front door. She asked Sammy if he was waiting in line and he said, “No Ma’am, and if I was, I’d let you cut in front of me.” Sammy is a gentleman and he also the real deal. I can’t wait until March 13th, so I am celebrating Sammy Drain Day today:”

“At the early age of thirteen, Sammy Drain started developing his gift of playing guitar and was soon performing with a unique kind of power and strength. Now when you see him live you see a polished performer with over forty years of refining his playing style and his singing and songwriting abilities. Sammy has always been a showman, with a stage presence that has led him to work as an actor (most notable was his role in the weekly television series "LA Law") as well as a performing musician. Influenced by greats such as B.B. King, Ray Charles, Muddy Waters, Freddie King and Albert King, Sammy's own unique musical style has primarily come from years of refining his own "straight from the heart" vocals set into orbit by his own awesome guitar licks.”