Sam Lewis / Press

“..his phrasing and buttery soul-drenched vocals soar effortlessly over his accompanists without overshadowing them. “Bluesday Night” is bloozy country soul- Eddie Hinton territory, but Lewis is no trespasser- he’s at home here.”

“…inspiration in country-singing soul men of earlier generations — like Ray Charles, Leon Russell and Van Morrison it shows he’s deeply committed to both soul and country streams, and the combination fits him like a second skin.”

“This self titled album is no doubt a presentation of the artist, but the subject matter weaves a patchwork and tells a story that is relevant to all and the human condition.”

“Sam stands out for his songs, which have that been-here-forever quality. It’s no wonder this guy’s generating buzz. Welcome to Nashville. More of this please.”

“Southern Greek Tragedy” – the autobiographical title track, which conveys the weight of a heavy heart with well-turned phrases and searing images usually reserved for such luminaries as John Prine – sets him down a path well worn by contemporaries like Guy Clark and John Hiatt.”