Sam from Amsterdam / Press

“I began my night back at the Galleywinter/Red 7 stage where I ran into Joey Green and some other friends. It was there that a friend introduced me to a very cute girl holding a guitar. I was introduced to her as “Hey Brad, this is Sam from Amsterdam!” She said she was really enjoying LJTs because it reminded her of home. I thought that was hilarious. Turns out she came to Texas less than two years ago partly because of the music scene. And, now here she was about to jump up on the Galleywinter acoustic stage and rip it up. This girl had no fear. She was our very own Jesse Felder find. After she wrapped up at the GW/Red 7 stage, we trekked across the festival grounds and took her to Shayne Hollinger’s pickin party where there was one helluva jam going on. Roger Ray and Jeremy Watkins were there playing along with all comers. Up stepped Sam from Amsterdam. She opened her mouth and belted out some big notes and everyone grinned and nodded approval.”

“I had the pleasure of having Sam Stomphorst in a couple of my broadcast production courses at Western Texas College in Snyder Texas in 2009. She is a girl of exceptional talent in many areas. Her guitar playing, song writing and singing ability prompted me to do a radio program with her to showcase her variety of skills. In class, she showed an eagerness to learn the equipment and create award winning commercials, Public Service Announcements and feature reports. Sam is a gifted artist. Tumbleweed Smith Producer,THE SOUND OF TEXAS Radio Series”

Tumbleweed Smith - The Sound Of Texas radio series