Sam Batt / Press

"For fans of Laura Marling and Kate Bush. Sam Batt encapsulates a wide range of sensibilities in her past and current catalog and this ephemeral gem ("Still Wish") reminds me a little of a cross between Laura Marling, Nina Persson of The Cardigans and Lana Del Ray. Obviously the vocals stand out but the distorted, fuzzy guitars are a highlight as well. There is something addictive about this song, and it is the combination of it's hypnotic beat and it's sultry arrangement, and of course Batt's sexy voice, that satiates the listener."

"Last night I was fortunate enough to be invited to a small intimate gig in Frome where four artists undertook acoustic performances in a former chapel now converted to an arts centre. The acoustics were fabulous and the sound superb... Second on stage was Sam Batt, now I have history here!! :) When I worked at Gary Numan's Rock City Recording Studios many moons ago, I was asked to produce a series of demo's for a young fresh-faced and somewhat cheeky teenager called, yes you guessed it, Sam Batt! She hasn't changed much, she's still very talented, still has a unique vocal talent and still as cheeky as ever! One of her songs is so catchy, I have been humming it all day! (That's the hook that hits are made of Sam!). Her performance was awesome and again had me bolted to my seat."

“I was fortunate enough to catch one such performance recently in Stroud. The artist in question is Sam Batt and not having come across her before, it didn’t take long to realise she has mastered the art of solo performance and added to it. Musically she is a very accomplished guitarist with a voice to match and most importantly in this genre, a very talented songwriter – and in her case there is a unique tonal quality to her voice that adds depth and intrigue to her songs. Every one of her songs seems to have a unique real life story behind it and Sam’s exquisite and passionate vocals delivered each song with a personal introspection that somehow also made the audience feel they were part of the story as well – a very rare gift. A perfect example is the superb and sometimes haunting “there’s an angel watching”, which she told us was written whilst she was recuperating from a broken back and it was almost impossible not to feel it was something you had gone through. ”

Brad Hansen - Stroud News