Samantha Farrell / Press

"Samantha Farrell is proving once again that she’s Boston’s best kept secret with her new album September Sun. Her songwriting shines and her voice drips with soul and emotion."

Jess Phaneuf, WUMB

"Prodigious and undulating vocals that are delivered with rare, swinging passion."

Relix Magazine

"A liquor-honey voice, deft guitar work, and slightly melancholic tones that meld to form an aching and elegant aural tapestry."

Huffington Post

"She's probably the best female singer-songwriter you still haven't heard of."

NBC Los Angeles

“Every syllable is a symphony.”

Dr. Roland Wiggins

"One of the best female singers I have heard…ever."

Red Line Roots

"You're left feeling like your throat should be sore from sitting in a smoky lounge listening to the next Blue Note starlet."

Keep it on the B-side

"Samantha Farrell’s voice resonates with the clean complexity of a hard truth, put simply: it is a declaration."

Fogged Clarity

"One cannot help but be drawn into this singer-songwriter’s world."

Bill Copeland Music News