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"Salt Petal’s sophomore release “Sea Monster” is the rare album that imbues the full range of emotions — unbridled joy to aching melancholy — with a full range of sonic influences. The Los Angeles quintet’s musical stew simmers with indie-rock, Brazilian tropicalia, Mexican folk, Cumbia, Argentinian dance and some good ol’ soul (...) It’s deliriously good. Made in L.A. with producer Raymond Richards, “Sea Monster” (out Feb. 23) is for dancing fast and slow — ”Pico” offers an urgent indie-rock blast; “Por La Luna” is a swirling Latin dervish; “Songs I Used to Love” serves as a tropical punch and “Darkest Hours” oozes beauty with its mournful accordion and trumpet solo (...) ...here’s one memo saying you should find it."

"the Bangles gone tropical"... "disarmingly creative approach"

““Su sonido es uno de los más originales que han surgido en Los Ángeles.” ("Their sound is one of the most original to emerge out of Los Angeles.")”

“Going down a bold path similar to the sonically eclectic Fool’s Gold, Salt Petal seasons the exuberant indie-rock on its forthcoming EP with all manner of global influences. The L.A. quartet, whose members include Autumn Harrison (vocals/accordion), Rodrigo Gonzalez (guitar), Hiroo Nakano (drums) and Dayna Richards (trumpet), fuses Argentinian folk, Brazilian tropicalia, Cumbia and up-tempo rock with such flair you’ll feel like you’ve traveled the world listening to songs on “Tip of the Sunfish.” Their single “Songs I Used to Love” bids for summer pop anthem status, as its musical elements are as diverse as L.A.’s ethnic makeup. Then in tunes such as the “Por la Luna,” sung entirely in Spanish, butter-smooth vocals from Harrison drape scintillating percussion throughout for a seductive listen. Produced by Raymond Richards (Local Natives, Henry Clay People, among others) and mastered by Mark Chalecki (Los Abandoned, Les Butcherettes)”

“Folk-Rock band Salt Petal releases Debut Album, “Say-So” “ “…with a repertoire of Spanish/English/Portuguese tunes that blend folk and rock and everything in between, Salt Petal is making a leap into album production with their debut album, Say-So…” ”

“If it wasn’t already hot enough for you this summer, you will want to make sure to turn up the heat with Southern California’s Salt Petal and their heat wave of an album titled, Say-So!”

Brian Ball - Brian Ball, Director of Music & Talent, WomensRadio