Salook / Press

“This is so beyond cool. Love everything about this journey. Thank you for the music.”

Lodato ~Dead Souls Rising - Mixposure.com

“I dont know what "anime" is but if this is it I think I may listen to more. Not hearing it before leaves me rather unworthy to judge the piece alone but as a Genre I think its very substantial and Im glad to have learned of its existence for music's sake. There are many referrals and occurences which draw from so many past forms that its IMHO -artistically spectacular-Just super!”

The Mincer ~ Japanese Drifter - Mixposure.com

“This is music for the urban aborigine. TechnoShamanism for the new millennium, or maybe even the sonic schematic for how it's done. It's totally jacked into an ethno-Native American vibe, but bootstrapped into something else, and done respectfully at that. No mean task, and pulled off seamlessly. Powerful stuff.”

n0mad23 ~ Transit PowWow - Looperman.com