Sally Tomato / Press

“...this is diverse progressive rock that’s quite effective.”

“I have a new one for you: Sally Tomato's Pidgin! Yes, it's an interesting name and the music is wonderful. Working with a number of key support players the group is basically a trio consisting of Sally Tomato, Eric Flint and Carlos Severe Marcelin. Entitled simply Planets, this is a fascinating CD”

“[Carlos] is consistently diverse and ineluctably imaginative in embroidering each of the twenty tracks with a distinctive design, while maintaining a cohesive conceptual aggregate. Not easily done.”

“In spite of its weighty subject matter, [Planets] does not come across like some overblown prog-metal epic, but rather bright and clear moments of pop music, focusing more on melody than heaviness or musical virtuosity... its carefully composed and tastefully executed themes make it worthy of exploration by fans of the more dreamier and pop-oriented side of classic progressive rock.”

“Few writers of any art ever dare to look so deeply into themselves and thrive enough to emerge as spiritually evolved as the character Sally seems to have done... Toy Room, in the expanded form of a musical is something rarely seen and even more rarely attempted.”

“Toy Room: this avant garde stage show from the offbeat artist Sally Tomato presents a four-act, self-reflexive look at Tomato's colorful life, making fervent use of an ensemble of performers and various set pieces.”

“When performance artist, singer and Oregon native Sally Tomato collaborated with songwriter-guitarist Carlos Severe Marcelin to make an album about an imaginary world that was a respite from Sally's troubled childhood and adult life, the songs begged for a theatrical treatment.”

“Arguably one of the most pleasing indie releases in recent years, Sally Tomato’s Toy Room is an ambitious and diverse experiment.”

“Toy Room is Sally Tomato’s expressive reflection on her personal life experiences and choices presented as a bold and creative rock opera. The emotion, honesty, and humor of Toy Room is fresh, engaging, accessible to all, yet psychodynamically complex.”

““Toy Room,” is named for the place where the young Tomato would find peace as the last of six children. The music is the work of guitarist Carlos Severe Marcelin, but the stories are pure Tomato: her difficult childhood, an abusive husband, a period of dangerous debauchery.”