Sally / Press

“Sally are fast becoming the new Electric Wizard, in that not only are they slower and heavier than almost anyone around, but live even they don't know what's coming next, Tonight, they're a four-piece, thanks to the absence of guitarist Nigel Baker for reasons that even the band can't explain. But rather than letting this affect their performance, not only do Sally rise to the occasion but they're better than ever - which should worry the missing Baker a little. Playing as if their lives depend on it the Birmingham crew are doomier, tighter and sludgier than ever, throwing down the proverbially heavy gauntlet to the headliners.”

“KARMA TO BURN+ SALLY London Camden Underworld - There must be dozens of blokes genetically destined to end up in bands like Sally, skinny-assed stoners more au fait with Melvins' 'Lysol' album than with the cleaning fluid 0f the same name (let alone any cleaning fluid, especially shampoo), proud to wear bootlegged/reprinted 'Highway To Hell' T-shirts and all told, just born too damn late. Sally, though, manage to turn all of these cardinal sins against good taste into virtues, adding in 0ne 0f the thickest, most viscous stoner metal sounds l've yet heard from the Rise Above coterie - the Sabbath fixation is quite audibly tempered by an ample dose of Melvins”

“SALLY Sally (Rise Above 24) 1999 KKK Doom rock debut from new Brummie stoner boys. Recently Seen supporting punk/stoner gods Nebula, Sally seem quite unlike any of the other legions of Black Sabbath fanatics currently strapping on guitars and mimicking their idols. Altogether more experimental, their ultra-heavy guitar rock owes more to the Psychedelic world of SonicYouth and Mudhoney than anything intrinsically metal. This is the ultimate in head music, cupping your brain and lifting it into the clouds before dragging it down an alley and kicking the crap out of it But this was always going to be hard to capture on record - and while Sally have created a fine debut, laden with fuzz and grime, it never seems to quite reach the dizzy heights of their live show at times even bordering on the monotonous. Worth checking out, but see them live first.”

“ORANGE GOBLIN/NEBULA/SALLY The Underworld, london EVER wondered what it was like to have experienced the heavy music of the '70s first-hand? Well, tonight revives and revitalises that great era. No, it's more than that, the three bands on show actually injecting freshness and energy into the musical influence of that period. This is no nostalgia trip. Despite the name there's not a female onstage with bonkers brummie battlecruiser Sally. Their style is reminiscent of early Angel Witch tangoing with the Pink Fairies. Or put another way: the music is raw, overhung with a doom-laden roar and a sound so gloriously muddy you feel like taking a shower afterwards. They will become more than another bunch of cult heroes.”