Sally Majestic / Press

“Everyone in the place seemed to know all the words and sang along to Sally’s originals.”

“I’ve been to a lot of Sally Majestic shows over the years, and while I’ve never seen them put on a bad show – I’ve never seen them better than they were last Sunday. There was a spark, an energy – and great instrumentals and vocals. After 14 years, you still cannot have a bad time at a Sally Majestic show.”

“Even some of the newer stuff — which is a departure from the happy reggae-ish sound the band has been known for — was still unmistakably Sally. The guitar work (from both Vernon and Napier) was excellent, the bass animated and driving, and the drums offered the kind of precision that we expect of Cowdin.”

“If there’s a dark horse here, it’s Sally Majestic, a funky ska-rocking quartet that can get your butt shaking and your head banging at the same time. “Brand New Hat,” off the band’s last album, was a nominee for Song of the Year last year.”

“I got there early this time, even beating the taco truck, because for some reason Sally Majestic was the opening act. These guys should be headlining any show they play, but then again, they were playing a semi-acoustic set with no drummer. It didn't matter. Scott Vernon (guitar, vocals), P.J. Frye (bass, vocals) and John Steven (guitar, vocals) performed with absolute perfection. We got all their originals, and, as usual, Frye's voice was simply amazing. The full band has a bit of a harder edge to it, but the craftsmanship of the band's original music really shows when it's stripped down to the bare essentials.”

“Full of spunk and funk, Sally Majestic is a party band but in the best sense of the term - things can get loud, but they're always expertly played. "Brand New Hat," a nominee for Rock Song of the Year, is a sweet, funny, anthemic jam that in a righteous world would be blasting on every rock station in the U.S. of A.”

“And perhaps the most fun you’ll have between the ears all year is Sally Majestic’s hard-rocking yet spunky and jungle-poppy “Brand New Hat.””

“I love a Sally Majestic show. The band's music is an infectious mix of rock, funk and reggae with captivating harmonies and entertaining stage banter.”

“Sally Majestic is one of Dallas/Ft. Worth’s most dynamic bands, capable of playing multiple styles ranging from punk to ska and reggae, to just good ol’ rock n roll. In this video they play my favorite song of theirs at Lola’s Sixth, a song entitled “Bobo.” I was in a reggae band for 5 years, so personally, I really connected with this irie beat and bass line and with the ska upstrokes on the guitar. On top of that, the lyrics are hilarious - ”Bobo likes to hit it from behind, Bobo likes to hit it from behind, he’s one of those guys” – goes the chorus.”

“Loud pop-rockers Sally Majestic have a new look and, on the way, a new album. In addition to the core trio of frontman/guitarist Scott Vernon, drummer Tim Cowdin, and bassist PJ Fry, the band now includes guitarist John Stevens (of the defunct Confusatron) and keyboardist Christopher Laskoski. Based on the new material, the band’s sound isn’t as ska/surfy as before and has become a little grittier, which is a good thing. The musicianship is still as tight as ever, though. (“Brand New Hat” is an awesome song and, with its snappy drums, calypso-ish guitarwork, and wild vocals, harkens back to early Police. It’d be in my list of the best 817 songs of the year –– if I’d had the foresight to put a damn list together. Sigh.)”

“Sally Majestic’s familiar reggae-ska-rawk attack gains depth and dimension with an expanded lineup that adds ex-Confusatron guitarist John Stevens and keyboardist Christopher Laskoski to the core trio. A veritable Funkytown institution after eight (!) years”

“Sally Majestic made us all nod our head and say, “Damn, that shit’s good.””