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“Larry Saklad- ...jumped on the piano for about half a number on December 1st. That’s his way of sayin’, hey !¡! I’m ready for next week. Come hear a veteran singer/songwirter/guitarist/pianist drop his magic on us. http://sakladmusic.com”

““Larry Saklad is a talented, veteran Philadelphia musician who has some new projects he is working on. He sat down with us to talk about his career & his music, from the time he performed as a child at Carnegie Hall to where he is now with his songwriting, music & performing. It is obvious; Larry is having a lot of fun making music…””

“Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Alan Mann’s “Christmas On The Block” at The Legendary Dobbs on 12/22/13 Nothing depicts a community’s holiday spirit like a massive sing-along to a local favorite. In celebration of its 30th anniversary, Philadelphians from all over town will gather to sing along to Alan Mann’s 1983 holiday song “Christmas On The Block” which was the first independent music video to air on MTV. Organized by longtime local rocker Kenn Kweder, as well as George Manney, and Mann’s former pianist Larry Saklad, the event will take place at The Legendary Dobbs on South Street. In addition, a camera crew from Attention Films will be at the show to film the performance and interviews for a documentary, and the band will performed backed by projections of archival Alan Mann footage. Get more details here, and look for a download of the song next week when Helen Leicht’s 12 Days of Philly Local Christmas begins. [12/2/13]”

“Today’s My Morning Download: Larry Saklad covers Alan Mann’s “Christmas On The Block” Local musician Alan Mann was a part of the local scene from the mid-Seventies until his death in October 1987. Along with The Hooters, Tommy Conwell, Robert Hazard, Kenn Kweeder and others, Mann was a staple of the scene and in the mid-Eighties released the single “Christmas On The Block” which received a lot of airplay on WMMR. The video for the song (watch below) was also aired on MTV. Larry Saklad was a member of Mann’s Free Arts Band and recently re-recorded the song with Kweeder and Kim De Meo to celebrate the 28th anniversary of the release of the song.”

“Salt in My Coffee sounds very "British Invasion-ish". Like it. ~Scott Carr”

“Larry, hope the river’s flowin’ smooth thru your world, nice work on the new platter! ~Michael Tearson dj”

“Saklad_has_a_different_tune >Larry Saklad can look back on a pretty decent music career. He's working to revive it, but it's a new era with new challenges for artists trying to be heard. In fact, the singer-songwriter, who plays guitar and piano, has been coming back for the past few years, composing, recording and getting himself in front of Philly area audiences. In mid-Sept, he released a new CD, the 11-cut Saklad, which incl Oh Phila & a few songs Saklad wrote with Kim De Meo. He describes his music as folk rock, sometimes funky folk ...played with many incl local legends Robert Hazard, Alan Mann and NE Philly native Essra Mohawk...[more]”

“LARRY SAKLAD is from Philly, his CD is SAKLAD, has 11 cuts on it, [self produced, but 1st song] by Wayne Hsu. The songs have a bounce to them. His voice does stand out on it’s own and he makes all the songs he's written his ...The songs are simple and nice. WHY THIS FULL MOON takes you on a journey... MANNS-IN-Me is definitely different w/ a feel of Henry Gross. Great intro to “LULL’BYE” a slow, mellow song... Check out SAKLAD whenever you have a chance, you’ll definitely find him different, which could be a good thing. Thanks Larry, enjoy all! ~Jimmy Allford”

“SAKLAD _ Larry Saklad's second solo effort, the self titled Saklad, is the successful culmination of years of honing his craft. Having started on the classical piano at age 6 (he performed at Carnegie Hall when he was 10) Larry has gone from jam bands to his own calming style on full display with this release. His skill as a story teller shines throughout the album. Whimsical at points, the album keeps you through waves of rhythm and poignant messages that manage not to be preachy, something not many artists can accomplish. Well worth the experience as soon as you can.”